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    The city of NYC has enforced new laws to help protect the city from health risks brought in by pests. We at pest control NYC have also worked with the City of NYC to make sure that these new laws that have been put into place are followed, to protect the city from these persistent pests.

    For the last few years there have been many reports of varying infestations of mosquitos, rats and bedbugs in the news. Public libraries have been exposed, collected water in certain areas where people are known to congregate like parks and other areas of recreational activity have been exposed, etc. You name them we've been there working with tenants, business owners, landlords and government departments to handle the problem.

    We have also been there to help contain and eradicate these threats to our health and our communities. No exterminator of the pest control NYC unit is allowed to operate without certification and passing extensive testing and training, before they are able to handle special proprietary equipment and chemicals to pest control NYC.

    We have served the NYC area for a very long time and already have the experience to go into dangerous areas where pests may reside. Our team of professionals obeys the law and is required to provide you with details as to what your situation may be. We make sure that they are also courteous and quick so that you can continue to operate without delay or enjoy your personal time. You have rights as well as a tenant.

    We work with the city on every level that also includes health enforcement before pest control NYC has an infestation in their hands. With the health code we make sure that landlords and owners are following the law with keeping areas clean and we have a relationship with waste management departments as well. If you have a roach, wasp, rodent, or even problem with termites, all of our professionals are exactly that, they are professional and we provide a long term solution for each pest problem that you have.

    Pests are determined to survive, through the year in any sort of climate. Some of these pests are not hindered at all by the cold weather either; as a matter of fact your home or business could be the warm area that they are looking for!

    As you have seen, we provide many services to the new your city area and are very experienced with various situations. We handle any and every level of pest, big or small, all of them lethal and all of them a threat to our healthy environment. The city of NYC is a great place to live and a great place to visit. We want to make sure that we help the city provide a healthy and pest free environment to you as a visitor, to you as a resident, and to you as a business owner so that you can enjoy all of the benefits that NYC provides.

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