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    Exterminator NY is a NY based company that understands the tiny menace that lurks in the streets, houses and buildings of NY. Therefore, we understand your needs and possess the necessary skills to cater to your needs regarding pest control.

    Our staff is well trained and aware of all the modern methods of pest control. These include the use of chemicals as well as pesticides and insecticides. Exterminator New York provides pest disinfestations in New York, we deal with mice, rats, bed bugs and all other pests, The oriental cockroach also known as water bug, usually infests during spring or fall.

    Bed bugs are known parasites and have infested human habitats for thousands of years. According to Wikipedia, they had been eradicated from developed countries but since 1995, they have been on the rise again. Bed bugs are known to survive on human blood; some species however, might find an animal host that could be your pet.

    Pest Control in 10278 in NYC
    East Village, Carnegie Hill, Meatpacking District, Washington Square Village, Riverbend Houses, Roosevelt Island, Le Petit Senegal, Fort George, Lionel Hampton Houses, Phipps Houses, Gashouse District, Gracie Square, Tribeca, Bowery, Rhinelander Gardens

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